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On the 25 of January every year, we celebrate Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh equivalent to Valentines Day.

The story goes that Dwynwen fell in love with Maelon, but her father forbade them marry (meanie), so Dwynwen prays to fall out of love with him because it hurts too much to love him and not be together.

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Dwynwen is visited by an angel, who appeared carrying a memory potion so she can forget Maelon and who turns him into a block of ice.

She then gives Dwynwen three wishes;  First she wishes that Maelon is freed from the ice and can go and live his life, secondly that God protects all future lovers and thirdly that she'll never get married.

Dwynwen then left home for the isle of Anglesey where she was a nun for the rest of her life and founded Llanddwyn church (the ruins of which you can still see today).

                    Hand-made, wrought-iron love tokens and love spoons from blacksmith Mike Davies... or contemporary Cariad, Cwtch & Caru ti mugs and cups from Keith Brymer Jones.

So to help all you lovers out there, we've put together a few ideas for sweet Welsh and Pembrokeshire based gifts.

How about making your carried dinner with some sexy Welsh ingredients from The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company?

Aaaand if anyone feels the need to send us flowers/cake/champagne/love letters we'd be delighted! Ahem.

Love, The Gallery


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