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Yes, I know, we're known for our ridiculous sweet tooth and our insane luxury chocolate selection (a lot of which is Vegan friendly and GF just in case you wanted a peruse...)

However our kids get more than enough sugar, so we thought we'd revisit our lovely childhood pastime of blowing eggs and see if we could leave the chocolate out for a few days.

Blowing eggs is a bit of a phenomenon. It never really seems like its going to work, or that it will be much more difficult than it is. As adults we wanted to be prepared, so you know, we got our pins ready, made sure the eggs were fresh, put some masking tape over the ends so they wouldn't split.

But you know what? It was so easy just to hold the egg softly, make a little hole with a pin at one end, and at the other do exactly the same but move the pin in wider circles to make a slightly larger hole.

That was it. No fuss, no mess. 

Then blow, gently but firmly, into the smaller hole whilst you hold the egg over a dish, and voila- out it comes! We washed and dried the shells. And then we covered them in glitter! 

They didn't look as meticulous as these examples but we did have loads of fun! We didn't break any either, which was a shame 'cause we wanted to try and put mini succulents in them- but if you do try this we'd love to see a photo!

We also loved this idea of covering either some wire mesh, or a polystyrene egg, or a shell obviously, in moss and binding it with twine. Then you can take your kiddiewinks out on a walk to pick some wild flowers to decorate it! Lovely for a few days, and if you gently mist the moss it should last for a week.

NB: Egglings are probably the loveliest, chocolate-free, easter gift we've ever seen....available in Basil, Wild Strawberry and Lavender.


Happy Easter!


Love, The Gallery



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