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As some of you may already know, two of our long-term staff are having babies in the next two months! It's a very exciting and joyful time as our Golden Sheaf family swells, but tinged with a little sadness because we'll miss them so much whilst they're away on maternity.

Our local author, Cliff Blundell (you can read about his book here), decided to pen this little poem about the Gallery and it's girls:


This is the very best kind of shop,

for items of taste, it sits at the top.

If you choose golden Sheaf your judgement is sound,

It simply outdoes all other around.

With a staff so productive, everyone wins,

though some have just one child, they often have twins!


Is it the shop? or something profound?

All this fertility, swirling around.

Perhaps, on the door, there should be a sign,

'If you don't want to be pregnant, don't cross this line!'

If you've come for a gift, just by crossing the floor,

You may be surprised that you leave with much more.


P.S. As i understand it

If you shop there online,

There's no evidence of babies,

So you should be just fine!


Thanks Cliff for his lovely words, and huge congratulations to Nerys & Andrew and Carly & Gary on becoming new parents- we can't wait for newborn cuddles!


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