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Did you see it? If you haven't yet, avert your eyes from the following post and go straight to iPlayer and watch it!


For those of you that did- first of all can we just say that we now want to be potters? And secondly how hard does it look! Especially when they pulling handles (no rude comments please) and trying to center the clay. We're not really sure if Rekha should have gone, we liked her fine art approach, but all good things and that. At the moment we're definitely team Sally-Jo - her pots were b-e-autiful!

Lastly, are you not all in love with Keith Brymer Jones now? We've been buying his pots for all of you lovely people since he was hand throwing every one himself (about 22 years and counting), and he's still as talented and as passionate about pottery now as he was then.



And yes, we got just as emotional as he did when Joanna's post came out of the kiln and looked so lovely. You know how we feel about pottery ;)

Anyway, as per usual, we will be getting fully involved with the programme each week- so you can get involved and chat to us on Twitter whilst it's airing! In the mean time have a little browse of some of KBJ's Welsh work and maybe see if there are any pottery classes starting in January... 



Love, The Gallery.


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