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    Kompanero are a new company doing great things with leather. These bags are designed to be life-long companions, to wear naturally with time. Kompanero and its parent company ASG Leather are committed to piece-dyeing, a much more ethical technique. 
    "Instead of tanning whole sheets of leather, we only dye the exact amount of leather needed piece by piece, thus eliminating the need for any wastage of inventory. In addition, the new dyeing technique incorporates and conceals the natural surface defects of the leather better than traditional dyeing. Piece-dyeing also leads to much lesser effluent and pollutants as compared to traditional dyeing. Our usable leather yield has increased by around 20%, it results in saving over 20,000 sq ft of leather every month without affecting production output. It is ASG Leather's constant effort to align its actions toward a more sustainable environment and future."

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